Meet the Coaches: Ed Orgeron, LSU

Ed Orgeron enters the 2021 season as head coach of the LSU Tigers for some reason. Coaching at LSU was a lifelong a dream for Orgeron because he himself is an amalgamation of every person who has ever gone to a game in Baton Rouge. Orgeron is known by the nickname Coach O because of the amount of years people thought he would last as a full time head coach.

Before coming to LSU, Coach O was interim Head Coach at USC, but decided to leave Los Angeles because no one on the west coast understood the most important thing about winning football games – taking wild swings at offensive coordinator hires until one of them wins you a National Championship. He then ended up as the interim head coach at LSU after Les Miles overdosed on grass.

After proving all the haters wrong by winning a National Championship in 2019, Orgeron is out to prove everyone wrong again by refusing to keep up with Alabama and turning LSU right back into the mediocre program they were when he was hired. Take that.

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