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Meet The Coaches: Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M

Jimbo Fisher is leading the Aggies into the 2021 season, with high expectations in his fourth year as head coach in College Station. Smart A&M fans will know that it was in Jimbo’s fourth year at FSU that he won a National Championship. But even smarter A&M fans will know what happened the following four years in Tallahassee.

The Aggies finished the 2020 season with 8 consecutive victories, an Orange Bowl win, and even more false hope they’ll somehow beat Alabama next time they play. Jimbo is known as quarterback genius who works tirelessly to turn highly touted recruits into second and third string backups in the NFL.

Can Jimbo finally get A&M over the hump and become the first Saban assistant to beat his old boss? Will he crumble under the pressure and send another proud program into the dumps? Either way, he’s got hundreds of millions of dollars of Texas oil money so it doesn’t really matter.

Meet The Coaches: Mike Leach, Mississippi State

Leading the Bulldogs into the 2021 season is true southerner Mike Leach. Coach Leach is looking to follow up on a respectable 4-7 season by doing something no one thought he could do: go two full years without getting fired for tweeting something insane.

Coach Leach comes to Starkville by way of Washington State and Texas Tech, where he revolutionized ways to design offenses and various ways to blow double digit leads. Coming from the Pac12, many thought it would take awhile for Leach to adjust to faster defenses and a fan base that pays attention to what he does. But Leach showed he was more than capable of taking on the challenge with huge wins over LSU and…well that’s about it, but boy remember when they beat LSU? That was crazy

As always, when Mike Leach is at the helm you know you’re going to be in for a wild ride, which is great news for both Bulldog fans and fans that want to see Mississippi State crash and burn.

Meet the Coaches: Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss

The 2021 Ole Miss Rebels are coached by noted gentleman Lane Kiffin, just as God in his infinite wisdom intended. It’s no secret the Ole Miss program was in a precarious position after the disastrous end of the Hugh Freeze era, with human crash dummy Matt Luke left to pick over the pieces. So of course, when you’re looking to reshape the image of your proud program, you only have one choice: hire Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin came to Ole Miss by way of USC, and then the Raiders, and then Tennessee, and then USC again, and then Alabama…oh no I’ve gone crosseyed. But Kiffin is a new man now and has pledged full loyalty to the Rebels, and promised only to leave if he experiences the slightest bit of success.

Coach Kiffin brings Ole Miss to the 2021 season following a very respectable 5-5 season last year, including victories in three of their last four games. Now were those wins against Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Mississippi State? Sure. But if you check the conference bylaws, those actually are SEC teams.

Meet the Coaches: Sam Pittman, Arkansas

The Razorbacks are coached by none other than Sam “Arkansas Rick Flair” Pittman. Coach Pittman rides into the 2021 season on a huge wave of momentum after the Razorbacks won three whole SEC games last season. That may not sound like a lot to outsiders, but if he repeats or improves that performance this year, look for Arkansas to forever play games at Sam Pittman Field at Sam Pittman Stadium.

Before coming to Arkansas, Pittman coached the offensive line at the University of Georgia where he was trained in the fine art of finishing just second to Nick Saban – a valuable skill to have in the SEC West. He looks to continue the momentum of the 2020 season by continually reminding the Razorback fan base that at least he’s not Chad Morris

In his second year at Arkansas, Pittman is ecstatic for the chance to bring some stability to the Arkansas program – and with a Briles running the offense, what can go wrong?

Meet the Coaches: Nick Saban, Alabama

Before all the national championships and multi-million dollar contracts, Nick Saban was just a little boy from Fairmont, West Virginia that would make his teachers cry with fear at the thought of reprimanding him. Mr. Saban, as he was known by his close childhood friends, would love to spend his Recess scolding fellow classmates for improper foursquare techniques. As he got older, Saban’s parents recognized the remarkable abilities their son had and decided to guide him towards a career that would truly improve the lives of the people of West Virginia, coaching football.

Prior to becoming Head Coach at Alabama, you might be surprised to know that Nick Saban coached at a few other, much lesser program. He was first hired at Toledo, but left during halftime of their first game when he heard Michigan State might be hiring. At Michigan State, Saban had a few good seasons, but prevented the Spartans from being too good in order to keep anyone from thinking the Big 10 was a real football conference.

Nick Saban first entered the SEC as head coach of LSU and actually tried to coach for real. He promptly won a National Championship. A few years later, Saban once again left town. This time, to coach the Miami Dolphins where he smartly decided to not do a very good job so that Alabama would hire him. Today, Saban is 100% fully committed to the people of Alabama and will never, ever, leave them.

Meet the Coaches: Bryan Harsin, Auburn

Bryan Harsin is the for some reason the brand new head coach of the Auburn Tigers. He takes over for Gus Malzahn, which depending on what year you’re looking at, is either huge shoes to fill or a big step up.

Harsin comes to Auburn from Boise State, where he took the program from a Group of 5 outsider with New Years 6 potential to…a little bit worse than that. But he kept the stadium just as blue as he found it so that has to count for something.

Harsin’s first year in the SEC will be a huge step up in competition for the 44-year old for Boise, but it’s nothing his immune system can’t handle.

Meet the Coaches: Ed Orgeron, LSU

Ed Orgeron enters the 2021 season as head coach of the LSU Tigers for some reason. Coaching at LSU was a lifelong a dream for Orgeron because he himself is an amalgamation of every person who has ever gone to a game in Baton Rouge. Orgeron is known by the nickname Coach O because of the amount of years people thought he would last as a full time head coach.

Before coming to LSU, Coach O was interim Head Coach at USC, but decided to leave Los Angeles because no one on the west coast understood the most important thing about winning football games – taking wild swings at offensive coordinator hires until one of them wins you a National Championship. He then ended up as the interim head coach at LSU after Les Miles overdosed on grass.

After proving all the haters wrong by winning a National Championship in 2019, Orgeron is out to prove everyone wrong again by refusing to keep up with Alabama and turning LSU right back into the mediocre program they were when he was hired. Take that.