Meet the Coaches: Lane Kiffin, Ole Miss

The 2021 Ole Miss Rebels are coached by noted gentleman Lane Kiffin, just as God in his infinite wisdom intended. It’s no secret the Ole Miss program was in a precarious position after the disastrous end of the Hugh Freeze era, with human crash dummy Matt Luke left to pick over the pieces. So of course, when you’re looking to reshape the image of your proud program, you only have one choice: hire Lane Kiffin.

Kiffin came to Ole Miss by way of USC, and then the Raiders, and then Tennessee, and then USC again, and then Alabama…oh no I’ve gone crosseyed. But Kiffin is a new man now and has pledged full loyalty to the Rebels, and promised only to leave if he experiences the slightest bit of success.

Coach Kiffin brings Ole Miss to the 2021 season following a very respectable 5-5 season last year, including victories in three of their last four games. Now were those wins against Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Mississippi State? Sure. But if you check the conference bylaws, those actually are SEC teams.

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