Meet the Coaches: Sam Pittman, Arkansas

The Razorbacks are coached by none other than Sam “Arkansas Rick Flair” Pittman. Coach Pittman rides into the 2021 season on a huge wave of momentum after the Razorbacks won three whole SEC games last season. That may not sound like a lot to outsiders, but if he repeats or improves that performance this year, look for Arkansas to forever play games at Sam Pittman Field at Sam Pittman Stadium.

Before coming to Arkansas, Pittman coached the offensive line at the University of Georgia where he was trained in the fine art of finishing just second to Nick Saban – a valuable skill to have in the SEC West. He looks to continue the momentum of the 2020 season by continually reminding the Razorback fan base that at least he’s not Chad Morris

In his second year at Arkansas, Pittman is ecstatic for the chance to bring some stability to the Arkansas program – and with a Briles running the offense, what can go wrong?

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