Gator Fans Hoping Hurricane Winds Will Make Their Quarterbacks More Accurate

As Hurricane Irma bears down on the southeastern United States, some at the Universtiy of Florida are viewing it as a positive. “We’ve seen that our quarterbacks can’t throw in perfect conditions, so maybe adding hurricane force winds will make them more accurate,” says Gators fan Trey Pollen. “If Malik Zarie throws a screen pass with 140 mph winds at his back, it may have a chance of reaching the running back.”

However, others at UF, including head coach Jim McElwain, aren’t so sure. “Our offense strives on precision, and if we lose a day or more of practice then there’s a chance we may not be able to score three points again.”

Only time will tell how the hurricane will affect the Gators, but fans can only hope for the positive. “Honestly, a once-in-a-generation storm may be the perfect recipe to whip this team into shape. Certainly a better chance of this hurricane doing it than our offensive coordinator.”

University of Florida Gators Football Fall Practice 2017

Florida Gators quarterback Malik Zaire as the Gators run through practice drills during the Gators second fall practice of the 2017 season. August 4th, 2017. Gator Country photo by David Bowie.

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