Meet The Coaches: Mike Leach, Mississippi State

Leading the Bulldogs into the 2021 season is true southerner Mike Leach. Coach Leach is looking to follow up on a respectable 4-7 season by doing something no one thought he could do: go two full years without getting fired for tweeting something insane.

Coach Leach comes to Starkville by way of Washington State and Texas Tech, where he revolutionized ways to design offenses and various ways to blow double digit leads. Coming from the Pac12, many thought it would take awhile for Leach to adjust to faster defenses and a fan base that pays attention to what he does. But Leach showed he was more than capable of taking on the challenge with huge wins over LSU and…well that’s about it, but boy remember when they beat LSU? That was crazy

As always, when Mike Leach is at the helm you know you’re going to be in for a wild ride, which is great news for both Bulldog fans and fans that want to see Mississippi State crash and burn.

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