Georgia Fans Spending All Week Trying to Find Notre Dame on a Map

As their monster game against Notre Dame draws closer, Georgia fans are beginning to experience one big problem…what state is Notre Dame? “Every team we play is pretty easy to find,” said Bulldog fan Teddy Binsfield. “We playing South Carolina? We drive to South Carolina. We playing Tennessee? We drive to Tennessee.  Nowhere on this map is there a state called Notre Dame.”

It’s an unusual problem for Georgia fans, who most think anywhere north of Kentucky is Canada. “I haven’t renewed my passport since my trip to New Mexico in the 1980’s, better see if I can get a new one real quick,” said Teddy.

Officials at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France have already reported sights of very confused Georgia fans. One family of Bulldog supporters reportedly walked into The Louvre and asked if this was where Rudy lived.

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