Rest of SEC Tries Shooting Players in Leg to Replicate Alabama

After the success of Alabama’s Raekwon Davis on the field just days after being shot in the leg, coaches across the SEC are trying the tactic on their own players. “If it works for Nick Saban, it’ll work for me,” said Georgia coach Kirby Smart. “I mean I’ve copied my entire unlikeable personality after his, might as well shoot somebody.”

At Tennessee, Butch Jones thought about shooting his players, but he figured forcing someone to play under him was punishment enough. It was reported that Jim McElwain tried to get one of his quarterbacks to shoot a teammate in the leg, but all of them missed.

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get my players to perform like Alabama’s players,” said Kevin Sumlin. “Except of course teach them discipline and fundamentals.”

bama gun final

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